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Good morning.

I want to know what I have to do to shorten my URLs. I’m using twitterizer2 to post in my acc by my application (web site). Basically any news I post in my web site, will post also in my twitter acc with the respective link.

I tought Twitter would shorten automatically the URL but it’s not the case. I have to use some webservice, ajax call to shorten it before? If yes, someone have a suggestion?



We won’t shorten URLs but we will “wrap” them with There are a few factors in the way we do this, and you may just be missing the subtle details. See [node:1163]


Taylor, that is what I mean. That should be automatic, no?

Maybe I wrote wrong, and should be “wrap”. My post aren’t being wraped in the URL. You can see an example in this acc. Any idea why that aren’t being wrapped?


The example: “sistemafaemg sistemafaemg
Informativo 20120523 - http://localhost/CMS201103/News.aspx?News=182&Portal=5&ParentCode=14&ParentPath=None&ContentVersion=C&889995824

That was my post, it was generated by twitterizer2. Firstly comes the news description, then " - " and finally, the URL, that aren’t being wrapped. Dont know why, tought this have to be automatic. If not… there is a webservice or an ajax call to wrap the URL for me?


We won’t wrap URLs without a TLD like “localhost”. It would be automatic if you were to use a URL pattern that matched what is looking for (that documentation I linked to above contains a section on the “how” the wrapping occurs and “when”)


Taylor, I’m reading this; and it dont say anything about localhost. What means TLD?

Thank you, are being helpful!


The details are a bit more layered than that – the twitter-text libraries linked in that post explain the nitty gritty of what will and what will not be wrapped. A TLD is a string like “.net” and “.org” and so on – links shared on Twitter typically should point to URLs that can be accessed from Tweets by the general populace (and our crawlers and so on).


I am posting the follow below widget link to the Instagram website and it say’s “PLEASE ENTER A URL” Can you please assist me with this please

||| Tweets by @antoniamontana


I don’t think Instagram will let you put an embedded Twitter timeline on their site using the field they’ve provided. You may be better served just giving them a URL pointing to your Twitter account: “


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