Sharing Wordpress posts via plugin getting a error


Error posting on twitter. Error: {“errors”:[{“code”:185,“message”:“User is over daily status update limit.”}]}

I have a number of clients who use wordpress and they all use the same plugin to promote their blog posts to twitter. Some have been happily doing this every 20 mins to 2 hours for 3 years. Suddenly now they have stopped and they are all getting the above error.

Tried other plugins still the same result. It’s not as if these blogs have high traffic or lots of followers retweeting and replying lowest is a few hundred highest is 9,000


Hello @matchdaymemory,

On October 22nd, we implemented some additional app-level rate limits to several POST endpoints.

We made several announcements since June alerting developers to this change. You can read more about this update, as well as learn how to apply for an elevation, via this forum announcement:

I recommend for you to check out our stay informed page to receive future updates.


The time stamp seems right but I was absolutely no where near those limits. Tweets & retweets wouldn’t be 300 a day. Would it be because I was still using the old dev process, today I’ve had to register for a developers account, before I just created apps via the plugin process.


The 300 a day is at the app-level, meaning that if it is a single Twitter app that is making all of the requests for these clients, then they are limited to 300 Tweets AND Retweets per 3 hours across all of their authorized accounts.

Do you have an app ID that I can look up that is being used to make these requests?


I am getting the same 185 error. I use the Revive Old Posts WordPress plugin. I have it set to ONE post PER HOUR. I am not understanding the problem. the account is @StarPB


Hi @StarPB. Are you the developer of this plugin? If you are, please provide the app ID so I can take a look at this further.

The recent change to POST rate limits adds a new rate limit at the app-level, which is in addition to the existing user-level rate limit. That means that all requests the app makes on behalf of all the users will count against the app-level rate limit


SO FRUSTRATING … I am not a developer at all. I was trying to find out why the Revive Old Posts plugin was not working as it had for over a year, with one post per hour. This has been so frustrating. I don’t remember the steps I took to sign in as a developer, but I was guided to that point. I noticed another person in a TWITTER Developer post above mine was having the same problem, and she said she was ‘forced’ to sign up as a developer.

I don’t know what is wrong, but it is either with Twitter or the plugin. I should be able to post one post per hour, don’t you think? This changed just about the time the rate limits went into effect.

I see on that the Revive Old Posts plugin has 60,000 downloads. No other similar plugin has anything more than that. I would think that I could trust this to work correctly. I would switch to another plugin if I knew a good one. Any suggestions,

So, is it Twitter, or is it the plugin?

Thank you,


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I greatly apologize for your frustrations here.

Twitter is continuously implementing improvements to our APIs that aim to make the platform more safe, healthy, and useful. We have several different ways that we communicate these changes (stay informed), so it is on the developer to ensure that they are keeping up with these changes.

We have made several announcements about the POST rate limit changes over a four-month period of time via multiple platforms. I would reach back out to the plugin owner and point them towards this forum announcement:


Thank you Dan.

I went to Revive Old Post’s forum on I was able to send them a SECOND request for support message by putting FREE in the request of the Key. They never answered me before.

There are some interesting posts there about this very 185 error, and not even approaching a rate limit in their settings. I don’t know if it’s a Twitter problem or the plugin’s problem. Someone suggested a work around, and it appears another person tried it, and its successful for some , but not for others.

I am now reverting back to posting a few of posts myself. I am just going to sit tight for awhile and expect that either you or they will figure it out. I find that posting any more than 12 to 24 posts a days causes me to lose followers. We have pretty good followers for the most part, and 52,000 of them. I eliminate the junk and non-relevant followers. We actually have gotten business from Twitter, so I would lie to continue this plugin as it is just to laborious to post once an hour. I have a company to run, and books to design and print.

Why doesn’t Twitter provide a plugin / service like Revive Old Post?

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We provide developer tools for other developers to build solutions on top of Twitter. This issue is something that the developer of the plugin is going to have to work through.

I have reached out to the developer to see if I can help them find a solution.


Thank you for doing that. Good to know.


Nancy Starkman


Hi! I have the same problem as @StarPB has.

Did you find out some solution?

Thanks a lot,


HI Alexis,

All I got was a workaround. My personal feeling is that is not good enough. They need an update to fix this plugin. If it doesn’t happen soon, I am going to find another plugin to do the job.

Sorry, I didn’t save the email with the workaround, or I would post it for you.



I have reached out to the developer and have not received a response. I would continue to work through their forum and let them know that their implementation of the Twitter API might not be working anymore due to an update that was recently made.


Thank you so much Dan. I appreciate your continued effort.

Thank you,


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