Sharing Twitter content for research purposes


We are a team of social psychologists and we are currently drafting a project proposal which aims to create a Twitter archive containing approximately 12 million tweets that were posted within the last 10 years. To foster scientific progress, we are also looking into the possibility of sharing the data with other social scientists upon their request. We plan to remove all potentially identifying information (IDs, geographic location, usernames, etc.) leaving only the raw content of the text and share this archive solely for academic and not-for-profit projects.

Would this be in compliance with the Twitter’s rules and regulations?


Hello there -

Thanks for reaching out. Twitter does place restrictions on the redistribution of Twitter content. You can visit for complete information, but here are a few important details to keep in mind as you move ahead with your project:

If you need to share Twitter content you obtained via the Twitter APIs with another party, the best way to do so is by sharing Tweet IDs, Direct Message IDs, and/or User IDs, which the end user of the content can then rehydrate (i.e. request the full Tweet, user, or Direct Message content) using the Twitter APIs. This helps ensure that end users of Twitter content always get the most current information directly from us.

__We permit limited redistribution of hydrated Twitter content via non-automated means. If you choose to share hydrated Twitter content with another party in this way, you may only share up to 50,000 hydrated public Tweet Objects and/or User Objects per recipient, per day, and should not make this data publicly available (for example, as an attachment to a blog post or in a public Github repository).


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