Sharing social graph dataset for research purposes


We collected social graphs of Twitter users that represent follow relationships and retweet relationships using Twitter API. We analyzed the collected social graphs, and are planning to publish a paper including the results of the analyses.

We would like to share the collected dataset so that other researchers can reproduce our results.
So my question is:
Can we publicly share the collected social graph dataset?

The data are pairs of user IDs like as follows.

user1 user2
user1 user3

This means that user1 follows user2 and user3.

If sharing such data is not allowed, is it OK to share the anonymized version of such dataset?

Any help would be very appreciated.



The Developer Policy does not permit the distribution of static following relationships in the way you describe. Please see sections I.B.3, I.B.6, and I.C.3 for more information.


Thank you for your reply.
Now, I understand the Twitter policy.

Best Regarads,