Sharing doesn't use og:tags



I have og tags to share my websites content on Facebook and twitter. As per the documents twitter fall backs to og tags. But it doesn’t. Am I missing anything?


Can you share a link?

I assume you have at least a twitter:card tag to identify the type of card you want, even if you use og: tags for the other options like description and image? There’s no other way for us to map a card to your page, since there’s no og: equivalent.


This is the website

I am adding twitter:card ‘summary’ to my site. Other than that do I need anything else? Is twitter:site required?

Also do I need to request an approval from twitter? Let me know the necessary details.

Currently I have og:title, og:description, and og:image on my site (which are used as Fallback by twitter)



I just checked your site using curl -A Twitterbot and there was no twitter:card tag in the response.

See this post as a starting point for troubleshooting.