Sharing animated GIF image to Twitter via UIActivityViewController



Is there any reason why the Twitter iOS app’s UIActivityViewController support doesn’t handle animated GIFs either via:

  • The provision of an NSURL pointing to a filename ending in .gif

  • NSData containing the underlying data (a long shot, to be fair)

  • A custom ActivityItemProvider that returns kUTTypeGIF for the activityViewController:dataTypeIdentifierForActivityType: method

It seems somewhat insane that in 2017 I have to use each service provider’s individual API and implement and present a non-standard sharing approach to the end user just to share an animated GIF. (It also completely defeats the purpose of the UIActivityViewController.)

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I am missing something, or is this really the case?

(Incidentally, apologies for posting in the “Twitter Kit SDK” category, but there doesn’t appear to be a “Twitter app” one.)