Sharepoint and Embedded Timelines



We are having trouble posting our embedded timeline to our internal site. We are using Sharepoint. The feed will appear then disappear. We have 4 accounts that we are wanting to post on our site.

Here’s what we are doing:
• Insert new web part
• Click inside the web part to add content
• Go up to the ribbon at the top and click on “html” and then “edit html source”
• Paste the widget code

At this point, the feed shows up. It seems to disappear in two instances: when we try to change the header name of the web part, and also when I add a second web part for another of our Twitter feeds.

Wondering what we can do to fix this issue.


Are you including the Javascript twice when you add the widget twice?

It is hard to know exactly what is happening without seeing the URL or the HTML markup.


Are you moving or deleting any DOM nodes that contain the embedded timeline? You cannot move the DOM node that contains the timeline iframe once it has rendered. This will delete the timeline which is a frequent reason for the scenario you describe.


Thanks for the hint - I was integrating the timeline into a MDL site (, now this is the change I’ve done:

window.addEventListener('load', function(){
  // twitter JS embed code
}, false);

and now it works :smile: