[ShareKit] Going back to the application from authentification - Certificate error


Hi everyone !

I’m using ShareKit in my app so that users will be able to twitt automatic message on their “wall” from the app.
The integration of ShareKit works just fine with F*cebook, but I got an issue with Twitter.

When user click on a icon I call the auth function that pop out a Webview with the authentification :

"Authorize XX to use you account?
This application will be able to :

  • blablabla
  • … "

The authentification itself works just fine and I’m given a code I’m supposed to type back in the app (I supposed).
But the cancel button on the top left of my iPhone doesn’t do anything. So I’m stuck in the webview :frowning:

For a debug purpose, I tried to launch the authentification pop-up and instead of logging in, I clicked on "<- Cancel, and return to app"
But then a pop-up showed up :

[Authorize Error]
The certificate for this server is invalid. You might be connecting to a server that is pretending to be “www.XX.com” which could put your confidential information at risk


Can anyone help me ? I’m stuck with this problem and I’ve ran out of luck with G00gle…

Thx !


Well, it appears I was closer to the solution than I though.

All I had to do was to change the “Callback URL” in the app settings (on this very website) to match the one in ShareKit : ShareKit/SHKConfig.h -> line 79 "SHKTwitterCallbackURL @“http://www.XX.com

Hopefully it will help someone one day :slight_smile: