Shared video on ios and adroid apps does not show inline content (only shows link) but validator card works fine



Every browser works fine with inline card show but does not work with IOS and android app


Please provide evidence. Is this a player card issue? Is this on web or in the mobile apps? Note that we cannot provide support for Twitter’s website or mobile apps here but may look be able to help with player cards questions.


mobile apps only on ios and android, rest all browser works fine

See this image where on browser rendering works fine but not on ios mobile app


So are you saying that this is a YouTube player card issue on mobile? Please provide example Tweets.


We are also a web team which uses player card and we are also having similar issue, see examples:


These two links works fine (mean to say inline rendering of card works fine) every where but not on ios and Android twitter app


Your player seems to be working fine for a non-native hosted player and video on Twitter - you’re linking to a YouTube video and these do not open or play directly in the timeline.


Its not about playing inline just about rendering, see image i attached earlier where same content is getting inline rendered correctly for all browsers on PCs but on ios and android mobile apps those inline rendering of content is not working.


This is not something that is supported or guaranteed in the developer platform and API. We cannot help you in this forum. Thanks.


Its hard for me to understand that one feature which is working fine everywhere but not on mobile apps for ios and android?

Who can we escalate to get this fix? Will you please get back to me with escalation/feedback path to get more traction on this on my email -is associated with this account. Thanks for all details.


I don’t precisely understand the problem. I do know that the Twitter version of webkit does not support inline video.


thanks, problem here is: only on ios/android mobile twitter app inline video is not getting rendered correctly and all other browsers same content does render correctly.

Image I uploaded earlier on this thread showing same content on browser is getting render correctly but IOS mobile twitter app does have same rendering of inline video.


Yes. Overlays don’t work in the Twitter browser. No way of getting around that other than detect it and prompt users to use Safari. Alternatively lobby Twitter to fix the problem. Frankly, they likely see it as an asset rather than a problem.