Shared from Instagram APP Tweets are not returned



Utilizing the Search API, I’m trying to read my recent tweets so made this request

Although it works fine to return manually added tweets, it does not return tweets I shared from Instagram APP for Android and IOS as well

Am I doing something wrong or it is a bug or limitation?


There are only 2 Tweets in your timeline eligible to be returned on a search call (within the past 7 days). It does look like one which has a source of Instagram is not showing up, but there are several reasons why that may be - the standard search API index is not necessarily complete. The same Tweet does show up in the web search, which uses a different indexing and relevance mechanism. I’m not aware of a specific limitation here, and I can find Tweets from other users posted via the Instagram app on the API search index, so I suspect this is just an anomaly.


It is a test account and I have just tried to reproduce the issue after receiving multiple complaints from my customers who are using Instagram APP and other Scripts sharing the tweet automatically.

hope there is a solution.


Please describe what your app or script is doing - I’m unable to reproduce what you are describing using raw API calls. As I mentioned, I can find other Tweets posted from Instagram via the Search API.


My script simply lists recent tweets from a specific account

here are the steps to reproduce the issue

1- upload an image to my personal Instagram account using the Instagram APP for Android

2- share the image to Twitter using the Instagram APP

here is the shared tweet

3- Call the request to return recent tweets and the shared tweets are not among them.

Here are some users reporting the same issue


The search API is not guaranteed to return all recent Tweets from any user. This is clear in the documentation. If you need something more complete, then you’ll need to use either the timeline API (which is designed for recent Tweets from a specific named user), or look at the enterprise data products (commercial).


Thanks for the clarifications.