Share Twitter Card?


Hello Community,

I am starting a new site and am diving into sharing my site via Twitter. I have my Twitter card properly configured and it is a basic summary card and I am happy with it.

I am now trying to share this card. I am looking at this page:

And under the “url” paramater under “Tweet text components” it states:
“A Twitter Card may be appear for a shared URL.”

How do I make this so that it will appear for a shared URL? :smile:

Thank you for any assistance!


If the URL you are adding to the Tweet contains valid Cards markup, then the summary card will appear with the Tweet. Currently these are displayed in the timeline on the Twitter native iOS and Android apps, and via a view details link on the web. Cards are not displayed in third-party clients or on mobile web.


Thank you for the reply Andy. There might be some confusion here on my part. Are you saying it will appear in the Tweet after it has been posted? My expectation is that when I post the URL in the Tweet, the card shows up instantly. That is not the case and the URL just displays in the Tweet input box as a usual URL. As I have noted, the basic summary card displays just fine and has been whitelisted in the Twitter Card Validator. So it sounds like maybe this is an expectation issue? As an aside, I wish it were possible to privately Tweet so I can see the end result without spamming my followers with an undesired Tweet.


Yes, the cards show up after the Tweet has been posted - beforehand, you’ll just see the URL.


Great… thank you for the clarification and your time!