Share image as tweet from my website


Hi All,

I have a requirement form one of our client to share image when they click the tweet button from the website. I googled almost two days no use. Can anybody can help me?



You can create a photo card for a HTML page associated with the image. Pass the URL containing the photo card as a URL parameter for the Tweet Button.


Hi, Very good question! How send image with querystring over custum button.

Dont talk about Card, It’s ok with card, I do not understand why, when there are a bunch of native meatag, or dcterms and og tag! it’s work"

But how with custum buttom :


P.S. About twitter:card (summary_large_image) Does we have to ask for permission each image tweet? Or a single application is sufficient?

Tx a lot!


Twitter Card markup is added by the website. Each site should validate its results and apply to have a card type for their domain.

A website with an associated Twitter application can ask its visitors to sign in with Twitter, grant the ability to post to an account on his or her behalf, and compose a Tweet with an optional image.