Share counter far too high



I’m the owner of the website which uses the Twitter API to calculate the average tweets per day for an user.

Now I’ve a question about the ‘Twitter share’ box. It says that my application has been shared over 200.000 times.


The title says (translated from dutch): “This pages has been shared 253.243 times.”. That’s a massive amount of shares and it does not compare in any way with my Google Analytics statistics.

Does anyone have an explanation for this? I’m looking forward hearing from someone soon.

Kind regards,


(Sorry for the poor English, it isn’t my native language)


This issue accounts for some of the # discrepancies: [node:2966].

The tweet button counts the number of tweets generated containing a URL to the site with the Tweet Button. It doesn’t tell you how many clicks you got or how many people navigating as a result of seeing those tweets. If you’re using Google Analytics along with web intents javascript events, you could somewhat count the number of times people directly used the Tweet Button on your site, but the Tweet Button goes beyond that and counts tweets with your URL regardless of where they originated from.

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