Share button shows only text in IE


Although they worked fine until recently, the share buttons in my website show only text in IE8-IE10. The funcionality is OK (everything works fine when you click on the link) but there’s no image, just text. IE11, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari are fine.

Below is an example page:

Pls advise if I can somehow fix the problem.



In IE9 and IE10, are you running in IE8 compatibility mode?


I’m having the exact same problem. Functionality works with text visible, but no image. I used browser stack with both compatibility mode on and off and got the same result.

Is there a fix to this?


Any update on this?

#5 is running in quirks mode because it does not have a doctype. IE’s quirks mode is no longer supported by widgets.js so that’s why the tweet button is being rendered as a link.

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