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I’ve just finished a new site for a client, and the Twitter ‘share’ buttons in blog posts are not creating tweets with previews for the linked pages. The tweets themselves post fine, and the links work ok. They just never show the images or page preview for the linked page.

Example blog post from the site - http://leebartlettbestseller.com/blog/196-the-most-feared-sales-objection-really

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated


The images do not show up in the web intent popup for posting the link, but they should show up fine in the Tweets themselves on the timeline. If they the cards do not show up when the link it posted - but they show in the validator - it could be that you need to check the cards markup and your site configuration. Please read and carefully check through the FAQ on cards troubleshooting if this is the case.


Hi Andy,

Many thanks for coming back to me on this. Your help is much appreciated.

The web intent does not show up when making the post. I have used the twitter card validator to ensure that the tags are in place for this. However, when it gets posted, no image shows up and no link card appears either.

Is this a common issue? Could it be being caused by the site CMS?


I don’t know what is adding the meta tags to your page - whether that’s manual, or Joomla is generating them - but this is not valid and breaks an HTML parser:

<meta name="twitter:url" content="http://leebartlettbestseller.com/blog/196-the-most-feared-sales-objection-really"="">

The trailing ="" inside the tag is redundant.


Hi Andy,

Thank you for spotting this. The meta tags are generated by a little bit of PHP script, which just contained those additional characters. I have now removed those, but this has not solved the issue.


Seems to be working now? could have been a caching issue.


Hi Andy,

Must have been a caching issue at the end there. This is indeed working fine.

Many thanks for all your help.

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