Shall we use{} this url to get username?



Hi ,we are using twitter api. If a person changed their username ( authenticated / unauthenticated) , we cant able to get their profilepicture by using old username.

To get profile image with ouot rest api:{username}/profile_image?size=original )

So for this we have person’s unique id ({}).

Without api call , can we have anyother way to do this? Because scraping not allowed as per twitter policy. But you mentioned with consent we can use this. So please clarify this.


The correct and supported way of getting a username and profile image is to use the users/show endpoint and passing in the ID. You should not be using either of the two URLs you refer to in your post. Why do you want to use those instead of using the supported API method?


To minimalise endpoint request count.


Ok. The method you are describing is not supported.


Thank you for your clarification :slight_smile::thumbsup: