Several applications or a general application for an organization?


We’re going to implement twitter Auth in our several iOS applications. I hope my applications can share user information. For example, product A has a record on user’s learning progress, which can be helpful to product B.

If I create a twitter application for A, then another twitter application for B, these two twitter applications have different consumer key and secrets, can I still identify the user who both login A and then B with the same twitter account?

Or do I need to create a general twitter application so that user doesn’t need to auth twice? But this general application has to have a company name which might be not familiar to my products users.


This is a good question for clarification directly from our platform operations team at

Generally, each of your applications should be separate unless the user is reasonably being communicated that they’re signing up for a service and family of applications. Don’t surprise users is a key rule here. If a user would be surprised that app B already knows them as a result of app A, you’ll have a problem.

It sounds like youshould to create separate apps for each use case.