Setup company account


How do you create a group/comapny profile on twitter? I am not wanting to use twitter’s paid advertising, I do not need it. I does not seem that it is the best way to gerneate revenue in the industry that I am in. If there are any suggestions please let me know. I have created and linkedIn and Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are next…


Accounts are accounts are accounts on Twitter. No need to do anything special for a company or group than to just create a Twitter account for them.




Is there a way to control access to business accounts.

With Facebook you can add additional users to pages and limit their activity, Admin, Analytic and so on.

I would be very interested in having some people post on my Twitter page (mma_ireland). I would need to be able to control access level and be the only administrator therefore keeping control of the account. This can be done with Facebook, LinkedIn business accounts, what is the story on Twitter.

Many Thanks


It seems like that has changed? Not happy! I want to create a seperate profile for the company, not creating it from my personal profile. Tell me how plz. Thnx!