Setting up player cards in Wordpress




We have a student news site where we have just gotten set up with summary and image cards. We’re trying to get player cards running on our Wordpress site.

A few questions we are hoping you can help with. We aren’t finding specific answers yet.

The meta tags for the summary cards are in our header.php file. Do the meta tags for the player card go on the same place? And if so, do they need to go in a certain order?

I’m not clear on what url to use for the video I want to appear in the card. We have Youtube videos embedded on our site.

Should the url point to the YouTube url? Or to the post in WP? And should the tag look something like this:

or like this:

Or both? (Not sure on the closing tag.)

Beyond setting the width and height and then getting the player card approved, are there any other steps?

Thanks in advance!