Setting my android application v1.1


I need to know how to move from version 1 to 1.1.
My android application gets the tweets looking for a series of words.
I currently use this link: = and I want to pass the link but not how to use the new OAuth keys.
We publish an android application and these tweets are in read mode.

I have not found any example.


I am looking for this answer too. Nowhere on the web or twitter Dev site is this explained. I’m building an android java app and successfully use a library with my consumer keys. But how do I construct the link myself and parse the json manually? Surely there must be a way, but it is not explained anywhere on the web or this site.


Estoy tratando de pasar a la versión V 1.1 de API,según indica el mensaje de error que recibo en la tablet,pero hasta estos momentos no lo he logrado