Setting “Default welcome Message” via PHP



I’ve been trying to create a new welcome message using the Twitter-API with @abraham’s TwitterOAuth, but It wasn’t working. The error.log was empty, the script executed as usual but there was no message created. This is the Code I used:

$options = array("text" => "Test");
$result = $twitter->post(
    "direct_messages/welcome_messages/new", [
        "message_data" => $options,
        "name " => "welcome"

By taking a look into the issues at Github, I found out, that these requests are not possible using this library (at the moment). I’ve also tried using Codebird, but it wasn’t working either.

Do you have an Idea how to do this? Maybe without a Library.

Best regards and thanks In advance for you answers.


Any ideas? Sorry, im impatient ^^


Any ideas?