Setting application access rights to "read and write" does not take effect


Whenever I try to set my application settings to “read & write”, I get the message

“Twitter is over capacity. Please wait a moment and try again”.

Waiting doesn’t help, I get this message over and over again. One time yesterday I actually got a success message - but the change has not reflected in my account yet, so I suppose that success message was false either.

Any hints what to do or where to get further information?


I am also facing the same problem. The application was working fine and now started this issue.


I get that all the time too.


Yeah, same here. However after couple of goes, it kinda saved what I wanted.


I am having the same issue, is the server really overloaded or only when you set to read/write?


The overloaded message seems to appear always, independent of values I try to set.


Revoke access to the app in your account and reinstate it after about ten minutes


Same problem here since yesterday. De you have a solution ?


bump same issue - no resolution

Re-posting - Finally saw a success after about 10 attempts over about 10 minutes. After it said “Success” the setting was still not saved. Waiting longer to find out what happens. Will update.

Re-posting - After about 3 minutes it finally was applied and I can read/write now

Just a little slow but it works so be patient :slight_smile: