setOAuthToken invalid -> error


I have the following problem with this code I try to publish the status of my api users, but when it comes to an invalid setOAuthToken (who disavowed the api) gives me an error and does not continue running. As I can ignore this error to run in the next follow setOAuthToken that are valid

$SQL=Query("SELECT oauth_token, oauth_token_secret FROM DBtwitter where id>'$desdeID' and id<'$hastaID'");

while($rowX = mysql_fetch_assoc($SQL)){
$twitter = new Twitter($consumerKey, $consumerSecretKey);
$user = $twitter->accountVerifyCredentials();
$resp = $twitter->statusesUpdate($Texto);

setOAuthToken invalid if fails:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'TwitterException' with message 'Could not authenticate with OAuth.' in /home/../twitter.php:568 Stack trace: #0 /home/../twitter.php(2190): Twitter->doCall('account/verify_...', NULL, true) #1 /home/..runApiTwitter.php(56): Twitter->accountVerifyCredentials() #2 {main} thrown in /home/../twitter.php on line 568

I do it right?
how I can ignore errors to continue running the loop?


try creating the Access token again and try hope it helps