setLocation with stream api not work with oAuth in "fennb / phirehose"


I am using “




$locations = array(
array(-122.75, 36.8, -121.75, 37.8),
array(-74, 40, -73, 41)

When running Phirehose using setTrack, I get the expected responses from Twitter and Phirehose. When using setLocation with the above data doesn’t give expected response. I have used several different co-ordinate groups but this doesn’t work. The above data is the sample data included in the Phirehose code base.


I have been doing some research into this problem and believe that the issue it to do with using the oAuth extension. Not sure why this would cause the problem, but when reverting back to basic auth, using ->setLocations() works as expected. Hopefully this will be resolved in the future as Twitter is constantly pushing to oAuth authentication across the board.


It sounds like the Phirehose library might not be encoding your commas correctly when specifying a location. They should be first encoded for the query string or POST body then encoded again for the OAuth signature base string.