Set the height of a tweet limited timeline




Is there a way to make the timeline load only the few last tweets ( i would like the 5 last tweets ) and to set the height of the timline in the same time ?
I tried using the ‘data-tweet-limit’ attribute, but the timeline automatically adjust its height to display the number of tweets set in this attribute. I tried using a ‘height’ or a ‘data-height’ attribute, but it doesn’t change anything.

Can you help me ? :slight_smile:


Setting a Tweet limit adjusts the timeline height to show those Tweets. Height customization is not available.


Okay… Thanks.

Is there a way to load only a few tweets without displaying them ?


Why would you like to load Tweets without displaying them? If you are asking for a scrollable container with a specified height and a maximum number of specified Tweets inside that is not currently available.


I think 20 tweets take to much time to load, and the visitors are more likely to go directly on twitter to see this much posts.
Yes, that’s what i would have liked.
Thanks for answering ! :slight_smile:


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