Set position to hashtags


Hi, I’m new at this forum and I want to solve a doubt:

Using the tweet button and it’s data atributtes i got the result bellow:

My text www . myurl . com #MyHashtag via @MyProfile

but, I want to set the hashtag to the end, like that:

My text www . myurl . com via @MyProfile #MyHashtag

There’s a way to do it?


P.S.: I used this link:


That’s not possible using the Tweet button, the “via” will be at the end of the Tweet.


Thanks andypiper! I asked because I’ve seen this behavior at this link:


If you examine the parameters of the Tweet window opened from the UOL site you will notice a via parameter of “UOLJogos #UOL”, which is appending the hashtag text you see in the full display. The expected via value of an account is therefore not able to be parsed as a username, losing the follow recommendations.


Thanks niall, It worked fine to me too.

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