Server on different port / no app card visible




I have a server running on port 3333. It is serving full qualified html pages. The card validator tool times out on URLs with that server … Is there a chance that this will work? Any tricks?

When I take my test to a port 80 server, the validator tells me that my html meta tags are fine. Card type is “app”. But when I tweet this URL with our test accounts, I never see a Download button or can deep link to the app. I am always getting a simple tweet, no card. I am testing with the original Twitter apps for iPad and for iPhone.

Thanks for any help!


Unfortunately I do not believe that cards work with web servers on non-standard ports - I’ve never seen this work with the validator in that case.

You’ll only see the app cards on the mobile clients. That should work if you are running on port 80.


Dear Andy

Thanks for taking care!

I have this URL, which passes validation, but I do not see any card in the iOS clients …

Can you have a quick look, if there is something obvious I am missing?


works for me in the Tweet detail view (see screenshot)


I see. I did not know about tapping beside the link to have the detail view. Thanks for looking on it – my fault.


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