Server error


Trying to validate a twitter card, I only get error messages in the form at The error message varies, examples are ‘Internal Error. Try again later’, ‘Server error, please try again.’, & even, strangely, ‘exceeded 15.seconds to pink-floyd while waiting for a response to the request, including retries (if applicable)’. It’s a valid URL & the website is available. I’ve tried in the latest updated versions of Firefox, Chrome, & Internet Explorer. Any clues as to what’s going on?


Sorry, we’ve been having issues and are investigating. Will post here when things are “right”.

That said, you can also submit multiple times, and it will eventually work… the errors are intermittent.


Hi Ryan,

Just a quick question, I use a firewall to restrict known troublesome bots or known spam ip ranges but sometimes an overlap may occur. I have added the known range of twitter ips through a whitelist to ensure proper access but I have seen from time to time other ips have been used to check card markup.

From time to time various errors ocur when the twitter bot visits to check markup. I appreciate this may relate to twitter resource availability but I would like to make sure that my system does not inadvertently block your bots. For reference sake do you have a list or range of twitter bot ips I can add to a whitelist?

Would be most grateful.

Kind regards


ASNUM is AS13414

IPs are:

Possibly more, but that’s what we share externally for now.


Many thanks Ryan, all done.

This is a “whilst we’re here question”. I applied for video cards (after my video meta tags were validated) a little while ago and still waiting for approval. Would you be able to shed any light on the situation?

Many thanks and kind regards


Hey there Ryan. I’ve been having the same issues outlined by “CollectiveRecyc” above.

Unfortunately, this is my first attempt at developing Twitter Cards so I’m having difficulty determining whether I’m doing it incorrectly or I’m butting up into the server issues you’re describing.

I have been trying to get this particular URL validated, and I just haven’t had any success.

I suspect it has something to do with the image fetching functionality. When I am inputting the Card data through the Card Validator tool, if I have not specified an image, I can click “Update Preview” and the tags port over. As soon as I specify an image, the tool cannot update. I have swapped out the image multiple times, even pointing to images off of my own site, and haven’t had any luck.

Can you verify that this is still an ongoing issue? Can you also verify that I don’t have something funky going on with my Robots or my implementation? It doesn’t look like I do, but it’s almost impossible to tell.