'Server error, please try again'?


Hello, we’re getting the error ’ Server error, please try again ’ ?

Our twitter cards used to work for our website, then they stopped and occasionally work on some pages on our website, but twitter cards don’t show up for our posts?
We tried a random post for our website: http://twitcelebgossip.com/far-too-far-a-super-band/ but no luck?

Anyone else getting this error? Or know how to fix it?
(It’s a wordpress website) Thanks! ~TCGHQ


I’m having the same issues. Sometime they work, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes the validator returns a server error. Would love to know if the error is on our end or Twitter’s!


I seem to be having the same problem with my site. Any idea what it could be?


It is continuously showing Server error, please try again’
for twitter card. I just fade-up of this please do reply.
This is my site url :