Separate followings - Work & entertainment


Dear Madam, dear Sir,
Is it possible to follow some “people” separately from those I am following on the main cover of my account? To be more precise, I want to create a few list and be able to follow some people in these lists without telling my followers that I am following some people. In this way everyone knows he is followed but I can keep some following secretly from the people who are following me. I hope you understand what I mean. I have a definition problem with what I call people. It is also organisations, enterprises, groups, etc. The most important for me is to keep the real purpose of my work on Twitter and also to be able to have a separate list containing what I may called “entertainment” or only private concern. I think it is important that everyone is able to know I am following them and not just have list name without the ability to follow these “people”. Thank you for you concern. Excuse me for my bad english. Regards!