SEO Request: Please, optimize the button images!


As most people must know, today a big part of SEO is website’s speed. Google Page Speed and YSlow gives us some hints on what to improve on our pages… and while i was working on a dev website, i used GTMetrix to take a look at my Google Page Speed and YSlow ranking… both returned me something about optimizing some images. I found strange, after all i always use and JPEGmini to optimize it the max i can… so i went to see what was the image who needed optimization.

It was Twitter’s Follow Button… it could have his size decreased in 36% without losing quality. So could you guys fix it? I mean, it isn’t something that will take looooots of times… it’s just some image optimization, that will help some people increase they Page Speed and YSlow rankings… what means more SEO.

The optimized sprite image is here ->

Thanks already!

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