Sending welcome DM to new followers


I want to know if the following would broke any of twitter rules:

We are planning to send a Welcome DM to our new followers through the use of an automated tool, the welcome DM would have a message like this: “Welcome, thanks for following us! We are giving an ‘awesome price’, if you wan to know more, tweet us using the #hashtag

The line about the contest will be changed over time to include always the most recent news regarding the company.

Thanks in advance for the help.


Hi Gabo, this doesn’t break the rules as such, but it is discouraged, see


Welcome to my world :slight_smile:
thanks for following me… :slight_smile: enjoy !


Hello @andypiper,

I was wondering if there is an internal tool in Twitter to set an automatic Welcome DM for our new followers.

I know Twitter don’t love this type of things, but I’m working on Twitter for my company and we’d like to thank each new followers, specially due to the fact that we are still small.

External tools don’t provide anymore this service (at least not for free and our Social Media Advertising budget is tiny)

Thanks in advance


The reason that most external tools are not providing this is that it is against the Automation Policy. There’s nothing that Twitter provides to do this.