Sending turkish characters and smiley at the same time gives errors



I am working on a automated tweets project through twitter api, I code it on C# and I am sure that my authentication process works. When I try to send a tweet like
"iyi yolculuklar :)" it works ( :slight_smile: is coded as %3A%29)
“güzel yolculuklar” it works (it contains a turkish character “ü” which is coded as %C3%BC)
but when I try to send
"güzel yolculuklar :)" it doesn’t work
I don’t know why but using turkish characters and : or ) at the same time in a tweet gives error.
And if I make the request through postman it works, only in C# request returns an 401 Unauthorized error.
How can I fix this problem?


When I need to post emoji with statuses/update I use the unicode value of the emoji character. I would try that instead.


@boxnumber03 Hi Jonas, sorry for my silly question but I create a webrequest and send link as string parameter, should i convert the whole link to unicode?

apiUrl “” string
var request = WebRequest.CreateHttp(apiUrl);

for example here how could I make it the way you said?