Sending status tweets from my applicatioin


I have been asked by my customer to have their application send tweets to them and their customers when their machine has issues. Right now, if the machine detects and error or any issue, it will email the user. There are hundreds of these machines in use right now around the country and each user just puts in their email information(mail address, smtp, etc.) and an email will automatically be sent when something bad happens.

They now want to be able to tweet as well. Where do i start to look for how to do this? I am using QT4 as my development system and I need to quickly learn and impliment what I need to do. This includes how to allow each use to put their twitter address into the machine, get it validated and then use it. Where do I start.



Well this is the site that documents the entire Twitter API - I’d suggest looking around the documentation.

Since you’ll need to send authorized requests, would be a good place to learn about making requests on behalf of a user.

This page: lists the available API methods and how to use them.


OK, I was able to get PIN based Authentication going using QTweetLib. I can now do directed messages and status updates.

The question I have it that since I am using PIN based authentication, it looks like the APP is just given access to the users account and then all tweets look like it’s comming from the user. Is this correct?


That’s pretty much how it works. Users will still be able to see which application issued the Tweet.