Sending direct messages with media




I completely edited my post because no one answered. So I will rephrase my question:

The Twitter API documentation is poorly done for beginners, and even for others. For example for the part on direct messages, each part is made differently and so we end up with pages quite well done, and other incomplete … Like the one where I currently have a problem: That of the upload of media.
Indeed, there is nowhere the request to send a direct message with a media.

What I’m asking is maybe simple, or stupid, but please help me because this is very important, I’m working and it must be now 2 weeks that I’m blocking on that.

How to send a direct message with a photo?

(I already managed to upload the photo and have a media_id)

Sending direct messages with media

Hello Twitter ? You seem to repond to other posts but mine… I am still blocked and could use some help


This is covered in the media attachment section of the documentation.