Sending an automated reply to people retweeting my tweet



My question is pretty simple:
I post a tweet. Many poeple are re-tweeting it. Can i send an automated tweet in reply to this re-tweet as a thank you gesture. Is this practice as per the twitter guidelines or will twitter suspend the account.

Need a quick reply please


There are very clear rules about automation practices on our support site.

I would strongly recommend that you don’t do this, as it is not a great experience for other users.


Thanks for the reply @andypiper

But according to the link shared by you, there is a note in the document which says : media or brands using auto-response campaigns must request approval from Twitter and may be subject to additional rules.

So how to go about it. Whom to contact as I want to do it for a brand.
The flow is basically like this:

  1. The brand tweets a tweet from their twitter account.
  2. With every retweet, the brand is pledging to plant a tree.
  3. Users would retweet the brand tweet. Using API, we can get the handles of all the users who have re-tweeted our tweet.
  4. We post a reply to our tweet only mentioning each Re-tweeter handle in a separate reply and thanking them for the contribution.

Please can you confirm if i am correct?


If it’s just a reply to your self, it’s an ordinary with in_reply_to_status_id set to the id of your first tweet.

Mentioning lots of users in a single tweet is a bit annoying though. How about:

Post your Tweet asking for RT = 1 Tree,
Upload photos of your planted trees as a reply to your original tweet, and Tag people (up to 10 per tweet) manually instead.

Tagging people instead of @ mentioning them might be better because: The “Thanks” tweet will still send a notification to users, but you won’t be able to tag people unless they have “allow anyone to tag me in photos” or “Only allow people I follow to tag me in photos” & they follow your account - these people likely won’t mind the followup, but you won’t be able to tag anyone that doesn’t want to be tagged.


If the brand has an advertising account manager then they should work with them.


Thanks for the reply.

It’s not a reply to myself, but it is a reply marking the user who has retweeted my tweet. Through the API i can get the twitter handles of each user who has retweeted my tweet. So, in my tweet only, using the API i would be mentioning the handle of each user (obviously just 1 user in one reply) with the image.

I want to automate things all along, so nothing has to be done manually, tagging or mentioning the user.