Sending a reply from a bot to a tweet id only gets received if being followed



It is about replying to a tweet someone has sent:

  1. If I do it through the web by hand, of course, the recipient gets it EVEN IF he is not following me, and not only him, but all of the others who are following his time line.

  2. However, if I send it from my bot, the recipient will see nothing UNLESS he is following me. I tested it, by creating two separate accounts.

so, if I do something like

twitter.update_status(status= “hello I am your bot”, in_reply_to_status_id=3456456576587667665) (where the id corresponds to the id of his tweet)

then, the recipient gets nothing if he is not following me, like I said. However, if he follows me, then all of the tweets I sent, all of a sudden show up in his time line.

Any solution or explanation ? ( I dont think this is default behavior)


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