Send Money in DM


Payment API, but we have a problem with DM limit


Ok, can you explain what your question is here?



I am working in a development for baking payment, and all messae for transfer and consulting will be in DM, and i will need a higtest limint for MD. How I can do it, or where a have to call.


And sorry for my english.


The limit on DMs is an account limit documented here:

The value is 1,000 per user account per day. Thanks.


Thanks for the information.

I must insist, because I am working in a project in Banking for Banesco Group, and notifications on DM. And we want to contact someone in TW to express our project. There are some banks in the word sending money for DM, Banco de Bogotá Colombia, ICICI Bank in India, and we want to star this services in Venezuela.

BTW, sorry for my english, I´ll apreciate all recomendatios,