Send message using Twitter API


Hi all,

Can we send messages to my followers using twitter API?
If yes then please provide some sample examples.

Thanx in advance


Dear twitter i just ask be verified please this is still going on some one from
My followers keeps unfolowing my followers. Yesterday i did give three names on a ticket update who abuse me others dont know. I woudl appricitte this i have feeling who. I dont know who contact. About this .if u let me know thanks. tell ny Giants they have hurt fan. I been nice too all until now its been 2 months of abuse.
I would like again to verify my account so i can dm twitter if happens again thax.
Sincerley. Scott Legnola thanks.


And if i take look at my timeline past 2 3 months u can see what. Some had said too this is seriouset here are a few that have nothing to do with it but rest i know.
Thanks again for support now they are coming out and see who is tied into this.
sincerly Scott.