Semi-intelligent 'Random' bot


Hello everyone,

I’ve been looking around everywhere for examples of twitter bots that essentially just read my girlfriend’s tweets and then creates jumbled tweets from them. I’ve been trying to find similar things to the idea I have and people do seem to promise something similar, but I can never seem to get around to finding how they create it or being intelligent enough to even know how to begin one myself as i’m terrible at web based programming.

I hope someone could suggest how I could begin or especially find something that is along the lines of what I’m looking for.

Thank you all,


#2 is a good place to start - Sounds like you want a Markov Chain powered bot: for taking a bunch of text as input and generating more. The open source bots should be easier to get to grips with than starting from scratch.


Awesome dude, thank you. I didn’t realise at first you could code Twitter mods with Python so I got scared of it. I ended up coding my own bot :slight_smile: And yes the Markov Chain is exactly what I used to power it.

Thanks for the reply though!