Self hosted Twitter images with Twitter Cards won't display images at my images carousel (media grid)


I’m hosting my tweeted images with Wordpress and some other cool plugins to do that, I also added Twitter Cards, and works perfectly at Twitter via Web and iOS official App, cards are displayed OK.

I noticed that any other image hosting service add the uploaded image into my image carousel or media grid, at the iOS App I can only see images uploaded with previous services like tweetpic, but not the ones I’ve uploaded to my own host.

Is that normal? Or Twitter doesn’t allow to do that by ourselves?



This question was posted a while ago, but I’m facing the same issue. Any progress?


Does your robots.txt file allow access to the images?


My summary-with-large-image card is showing up like it should in the twitter feed. The image is also shown when the card is expanded. So this probably means the robots.txt part is ok.

When I share a link to a flickr page, the cards look exactly the same as when I share a link to my page. Only for flickr the images are also showing under ‘Photos and Videos’ on the left. This isn’t happening for the images in my cards.

What do I have to do to make my pictures from my cards show up there?



Ah! I’d misunderstood the question here.

The Photos and Videos page doesn’t show images that are added to cards. I’m not sure how/why the Flickr images get added there, but that may be a special case.