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For an embedded List timeline, is there a way to only display tweets with media? Thanks.


I think it’s not possible, you can only do contrary, but see more information at


You can use Twitter search for this. Use the list:username/list-name operator in search, in combination with the filter:images operator. e.g.

  filter:images list:benward/twitter-pubplat

You can also create search filters like this using TweetDeck, and choose “Share” on the column to easily create an embeddable widget.


Thank you, it worked. I would like to change one thing, if possible. The title of the widget says “Tweets”. Can I change that? Thanks.

UPDATE: I just noticed that the embedded timeline does not update automatically. Is there a setting for that?


You can make your own header by hiding the default one. Add data-chrome="noheader" to your embed code to do that.

There’s currently no way to trigger updates in the timeline. But it will update when your user refreshes the page. We’ve noted this feature request for the future, thanks.



Thank you


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