Segmentation for Spend



Based on the documentation @ spend should be available segmented by platforms.

However, while trying to access spend associated with a promoted tweet and segmented by platforms, there is no response from the API, the ‘data’ node is empty.

If I remove the segmentation part from the API call, I receive the response, as expected.

So two questions:

  1. I suspect the segmentation for spend may not be available at the
    tweet level as the entire spend may belong to a single platform.
  2. If that is the case, then how do we know from which platform the
    tweet was posted (iOS/Android). Based on information in the associated card, the spend segmentation on UI and what is pulled by API, for a day, doesn’t even come close.



@psuedorandom Is this the type of request that you are trying to make?

$ twurl -X GET -H "/0/stats/accounts/XXXX/promoted_tweets/XXXX?start_time=2015-01-31T07:00:00Z&granularity=TOTAL&segmentation_type=PLATFORMS"

I was just able to run that successfully and see the segmented spend data.

  1. Can you rephrase this?
  2. You want to know the platform that the tweet was posted from? For that, you’d have to look into the tweet JSON. It’s not quite the same as our PLATFORM but the SOURCE will tell you which client application the tweet was posted from. But your second question makes me think that’s not what you’re looking for.

Full requests and responses would be helpful if you want to continue to troubleshoot this.


Thanks very much.

  1. So we want to get spend at tweet/campaign level segmentation by platform. Currently in the “Platforms” menu, we can only see total spend broken by platform but we need the breakdown at the campaign/tweet level

  2. So Twitter has this universal link and when a user clicks on it, the spend should be attributed to android or iOS depending on where the user is. We want to be able to break that spend between iOS and android at tweet/campaign level.


@jillblaz: Thanks for your explanation on segmentation. With some trials on the metrics, it worked for us.

However, the spend associated with promoted tweets doesn’t align with the values on UI. And this is happening for data older than 3 days also.

Can you suggest what could be causing this?



Hi @jillblaz - Can you please respond to it?


@psuedorandom Can you provide the full request and response?


We are using typical API and while we get all the campaigns and spend is off by about 10%-15% from the one we observe in the GUI. This is universal across most of the accounts that we have in my account.


It would be a huge help if you can help us resolve this. This problem has been across most of the Twitter accounts and we fail to figure out the reason. Ideally, there should not no difference between the API output and the GUI dashboard or if at all it should be less than 1%. Thats what we see with other large mobile ad companies but Twitter has been a tough nut to crack.

Please see the requests we are initiating:

  • To get promoted tweets:

  • To fetch spend associated with the promoted tweet - segmented by platform


@psuedorandom The UI and the API have the same data source, the discrepancy that you are reporting here can only be related to the parameters of the request.

If you’d like us to look into a specific request and you don’t want to post the full request + response on this forum, you can create a private gist, follow @adsapi, and DM the link.


Can you provide a sample that pulls exact data for an account ?


Hi @jillblaz - Hope you noticed the parameters passed in the request which I pasted earlier.

Pasting it again here:

This is the call which is being used to fetch the spend segmented by platform.



Can you please look into this request and let us know if we are missing anything?