Segmentation by Handle




I am looking at this:
Specifically this part:

“Segmentation reporting allows the retrieval of metrics broken out by the
values of a given targeting type. Metrics can be segmented by platform,
location, “similar_to_followers_of_user” (@handle), gender, interest,
and keyword.”

It says that I can get the metrics segmeted by Handle. Yet I don’t see it in the Segmentation Tabular list below that text. Also, when reading this thread: Available options for segmentation_type - one user received an error message that lists the available segmentation types but HANDLE is not one of them.

I am busy writing functional specifications for our project and I would like clarification on this please. Basically, can I get statistics segmented by Handle at a campaign level? If yes, what segmentation type must I use?



You can get metrics segmented by handle when you’ve specified “Similar to Followers of User” as part of the targeting criteria. You’ll need to use segmentation type SIMILAR_TO_FOLLOWERS_OF_USER when querying for statistics.


Thank you. We will attempt to implement as you describe. We will let you know if we don’t come right.