Seeking Official Twitter Guidance on an Idea?


Recently I came up with an idea, half in jest, for a community campaigning tool. Quite often on Twitter people work together in groups (for example environmental campaigners). A popular tactic is to mass tweet (say) the official account of a car firm or whatever.

The same people will work together on campaign after campaign, which fundamentally means they agree to regularly send cut and paste or similar tweets.

However the more I thought about it, the more I thought it might be a possibility. I would like to make an application to automate this process. Basically the idea is people sign up, with a clear, no-user-surprise explanation that their accounts will occasionally send, e.g. pro-equality messages or whatever and that way campaigns can be coordinated automatically by some nominated administrator.

I am thinking of a big friendly community umbrella. Perhaps a friendly hat logo or something?


In general you’d probably find that mass Tweeting the same content from multiple accounts would be liable to trigger our Botmaker spam protection rules.


Fair enough. :slight_smile: It was more of a satirical suggestion anyway rather than something I actually intended to do :smile:


Do you have a DM? I would like to report something please but I do not want to post it in a public forum.


For reports, you can use the platform support forms.