Seeing {"errors":[{"message":"Internal error","code":131}]} when trying to publish posts with images



So we’ve been experiencing this issue for a while, status update failed sometimes when I try to post with images. Image itself is fine, it’s less than 3mb and size is ok. The error message is not giving us any clue on what exactly happened.

Here’s the image we tried to post:

So what we did is upload this image using media endpoint to get an image id, and use that id in “media_ids” field. We successfully uploaded this image and got back id = 870923912883838976.

But when we tried to post a tweet with media_ids=870923912883838976 it failed with code 131.

Here’s the request:


The media_ids parameter should be part of the request parameters, not part of the body.


just ran into another failed request, this time is a multi-image post with media_ids parameters set to 870911388415172608,870911443880730624,870911492492640256