Seeing App Installs for CUSTOM or TWEET_ENGAGEMENT objective type campaigns?



I don’t believe this is intended behavior but I am seeing App Install and Open stats for campaigns with objectives such as CUSTOM or TWEET_ENGAGEMENT. I wanted to see if anyone else has seen behavior like this in the stats portion of the Ads API?

I have some example Campaign, Promoted Tweet and Line Item IDs if needed.




@wemps This is indeed expected behavior. All metrics are returned by default for those campaign objectives, even if they are not relevant to your specific campaign.


Interesting! I did not expect that. How might metrics such as app installs be inferred if that card type is not present though? Are cards picked up for promoted tweets that contain a link to a site that has card meta data?


@wemps If the action is not possible on the tweet, the metric will just be zero.

I’m not sure what you mean with the second question - can you provide an example?


@jillblaz that’s what I would expect, zeros. However, we are actually receiving values > 0 for metrics such as “promoted_tweet_app_install_attempts” inside campaigns with objectives such as TWEET_ENGAGEMENT.

In other words, I expect that all available metrics be returned in my API response regardless of the objective type. However, for a campaign with an objective CUSTOM I would not expect to see values > 0 for metrics such as “promoted_tweet_app_install_attempts”.


@wemps And these metrics are for a promoted tweet that does not contain a card?

Could you please provide the request and response?


@jillblaz Unfortunately we recently changed which Twitter App’s of ours has access to the Ads API and can no longer access the account I saw this on. However, I do have some ID’s you could look into.

Account ID: afybp
Campaign ID: 1536r
Promoted Tweet ID: 2teqq
Date: 2/26/2014-2/28/2014

You’ll notice this is a CUSTOM campaign with App Install metrics > 0


@wemps I just ran this query and got zeros across the board for every metric. Please do update this thread if you see this happen again on the new app.


@jillblaz interesting. Try this guy.

Account ID: hru71
Campaign ID: 1uygv
Promoted Tweet IDs: 584ef
Date: 12/05/2014-12/07/2014


@jillblaz did that tweet work for you?