Securing Webhooks



Hi here !

I’m trying to build a messaging application based on webhook and, in the future, my app will manage more than one twitter application.
So, when u try to reply to the crc, u have a problem ! U don’t know which webhook from which app send you the crc…
To identify the app in the crc, we need an other parameter like app_id or webhook_id !

Do u know if, in your roadmap, u have this ? Or if u have a workarround for this it’s good too :smiley: !

Thanks !!

PS: I don’t speak english very well, so please, excuse me for my grammar and my orthograph !


Hi @freyjow,

If you are going to share webhook URLs between apps, I would recommend adding an identifier (app ID as an example) as a parameter in the route of your URL or as a query string param. This is what many are currently doing.



HI @joncipriano,

Many thanks ! I don’t know why i didn’t think of that but it’s perfect !