Section 5B of the API



First let me say thank you for this great new discussion forum. I’m really pleased to see Twitter trying to connect more with the developer community.
I tried with this question, and have sadly had no reply so I’m going to put it to the group here.

Section 5B of states:
You may not pay, or offer to pay, third parties for distribution of your Client. This includes offering compensation for downloads (other than transactional fees), pre-installations, or other mechanisms of traffic acquisition.

I checked with someone in the API department at the time and he said “yes, that means you can not have an affiliate program.” I was told we had 30 days to close the program for sign up, which of course we complied with. We were told every app was going to be held to the same standard.

Now, nearly 90 days later, I see 3 major clients still with a VERY public affiliate program, and no end in site. Without naming names, one just emailed their entire list about how they are making improvements to it, so clearly not closing it down anytime soon.

My question is - what is Twitter’s feeling on this rule, and is there going to be one rule for one app and another for another?

I really love developing for Twitter, and hope this new open forum can bring me the answers I need.




Tammy, sorry we’re behind with getting back to your email from last week. We’ve been swamped with the launch.

We don’t comment publicly on specific TOS questions relative to an app, but I’ll follow up to your email in our inboxes.


Thanks Ryan, I received your email and have replied. I appreciate you taking the time to connect with me.



thank you :slight_smile:


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