Searching for tweets containing hashtag


Sorry for my incompetency, but I’m fairly new to Twitter (in general).

I’m trying to create a simple Twitter bot that retweets users if they have a specific hashtag in their tweet. I’m having a bit of trouble searching for them - I’m able to return 1 tweet, but nothing else…

My search parameters are in this line: url = ‘

For some reason, whichever value I give to count the search returns just 1 tweet. What exactly am I doing wrong? If I search manually online at, I can see all the last tweets with the hashtag. Is it because the Twitter accounts are private? When I tried doing this a couple of weeks ago, I was able to return 4-5 tweets.

If I change the search parameters to the following url = ‘ , I get errors on the line where I try to open the url

I have no idea what I’m doing wrong, so any explanation would be greatly appreciated